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“Because if Kushida drops out of school, the risk would be reduced to 0.”

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Hearing what I just said, Horikita’s hand froze. Then she looked at me, her eyes still slightly red.

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“Just then, you just calmly said something extremely serious. Is that a joke?”

“I was planning to get Kushida expelled before. No, even now, I think it’d be best for her to be expelled.”

“You’re not…joking?”

“Yeah. This summer, I was thinking I would eliminate Kushida.”

In reality, it wasn’t like there were no opportunities to get rid of her.

“But——Since you told me about it, that means that the situation has changed, right?”

“Mhm, I wanted to leave the decision to you.”

I hadn’t decided yet, and instead left the decision to Horikita. That’s why I told her about it now.

“Are you not clear with this. I don’t plan to expel Kushida. Actually, I don’t plan to expel any classmate that negligently.”

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It seems that this ideal of hers was getting increasingly set in stone.

“But I don’t intend to have naive thoughts like Hirata-kun does. There are indeed classmates that stand on the dividing line of being sacrificed. Of course, future contributions might allow for these people to be replaced by someone else.”

In other words, she would make the decision on who will get expelled if something like the Class Vote happened again.

“What if Kushida contributed the least?”

“Then, of course, she will be the candidate for being expelled.”

It seems that she wasn’t lying.