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Did Leia-sensei dispatch an excellent doctor with the director’s authority?

When thinking about that,

「Now, take a look at this.」

She pointed to the national map spread out on the desk.

「Currently, House Arcstria is taking measures to strengthen border security at every critical place like never before. It is extremely difficult to escape through such a tight security network. Those guys are definitely still hiding within the country.」

Apparently, while I was sleeping, the president used the power of『Arcstria』to move.

「And for the purpose of the Black Organization, they can’t kill Ria immediately.」

「The purpose of the Black Organization…?」

When I asked,

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「…I’m sorry. This matter falls under confidential national security. Even in the sense of keeping you safe, I can’t tell you yet.」

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Sensei shook her head with a slightly bitter look.


It’s very worrisome, but…

If she says that it is a confidential matter, then it is not possible to pursue it any more.

「I can’t go into detail, but… They almost certainly brought Ria to a『laboratory』somewhere in the country. Twenty-four hours until the end of the『analysis』,they can never harm Ria.」

「Only 24 hours…?!」

It was too short a time.

「Aa, it depends on the position of the laboratory… We can expect midnight to be the time limit. 」