Do you sell it online?

Do you sell it online?

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However, Pei Qian did not want to wrong the innocent. Thus, he called Zhang Yuan to check in on him first.

“Hello? Boss Pei?” Zhang Yuan sounded quite tired.

Pei Qian became alert at once. He asked, “You sound exhausted.”

Zhang Yuan answered, “That’s right, Boss Pei. We’ve been busy making orders recently. It’s not easy to buy so many parts in bulk, but don’t worry, Boss Pei. I’m almost done!” Pei Qian asked again, “How are ROF’s sales?” Smiling, Zhang Yuan replied, “Oh, rest assured, Boss Pei! Everything’s going well!

“I was worried that our sales volume would suffer after we reverted to the original prices. However, that didn’t happen!

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“Although the sales volume decreased, raising the selling price meant that we earned more per system unit sold. Thus, we’re still generating the same amount of profits!

“It looks like ROF’s brand already has considerable influence on the market. We have more or less made a name for ourselves. There’s still a steady stream of people buying our system units.

“I was worried for no reason. Boss Pei, you have everything planned out!

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“I’ve already spent all of ROF’s funds on filling its warehouses, just like you instructed. Now, even the distribution points near the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes have been filled. The warehouse is more or less filled as well. There’s still another batch of stocks on the way.

“We have to thank our brothers at Upwind Logistics for their hard work! This time, we won’t have to worry about supply at all!

“Even if we receive many orders during the New Year’s Day holiday, our warehouses are full enough for us to deliver customers’ orders on the day itself!”

The corners of Pei Qian’s mouth twitched. Something was indeed up!

People are still buying the system units even though they’ve reverted to their original prices?

Isn’t that awful? I’m earning even more for each computer sold!

The computers had reverted to their original prices and were now three to four hundred yuan more expensive than before. Pei Qian had not expected people to still be interested in purchasing them!

However, on further thought, that made sense.

Who was ROF’s target audience? They were people who desired convenience.