How to make money online from the media

How to make money online from the media

“We’ll take turns to ask each other three questions and exchange information that we’re both interested in. If any question is difficult to answer, we can change to another question. What do you think, Boss Pei?”

Pei Qian had originally wanted Eric to be the mouthpiece between himself and Dayak Corporation. However, he was afraid that the topic would be too stiff and aroused Eric’s vigilance.

Pei Qian could not ask for more now that Eric had taken the initiative to bring it up. He immediately nodded and said, “Sure.”

Eric was even more certain of his deduction now that Boss Pei had agreed so readily.

He did not emphasize that they had to give each other a real answer because even if he emphasized this point, it would not be able to constrain both sides. Saying it would be equivalent to saying it for nothing.

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However, since both sides were taking turns to ask questions, if one side did not give a satisfactory answer, the game would not continue.

Therefore, the best solution was to release some real information that did not have much of an impact and mix some misinformation into it, causing the other party to be misled.

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That would depend on both parties’ ability to discern information.

Even misinformation would be valuable to Eric because misinformation could be screened, dissected and he could infer the right information.

Eric felt that Boss Pei must have known this as well. That was why he agreed so readily.

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Zhang Yuan, Lin Wan, and the others pricked up their ears, feeling nervous.

Indeed, Boss Pei had a special motive for treating Eric to a meal!

There were not many fancy moves between experts. They were all smart people. The efficiency of this exchange was too high.