What are the online leading platforms?

What are the online leading platforms?

Ike points at his head. The skinhead bathing in the rays of the sun glowed blindingly. Beside Katsuragi, a man I'm familiar with was staring at the goal point with a calm expression.

He's Kanzaki of Class B. So Katsuragi and Kanzaki will be competing against each other, huh?

Meanwhile, the man who's first on the list of those to watch out for, Kouenji of Class D, is also part of the third group but.....

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There's no sign of Kouenji on the fifth course he had been assigned to. However, the school did not bother searching for the missing Kouenji and instead treating it as absence, they ended up starting the match right away.

The third group was a free-for-all but it appears as far as speed goes, Kanzaki surpassed them all.

Katsuragi too was by no means slow but it was simply beyond him, and without much fuss, the race ended. Kanzaki took 1st place and Katsuragi took 3rd place. As the race steadily progressed, Hirata realized something.

"Ayanokouji-kun, look there".

What Hirata had noticed was in the direction of the cottage. As I strained my eyes to look, inside it I could see Kouenji who was arranging his hair. He's already finished running, surely that's not the case. But even so, he's way too quick to withdraw.

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"He's not participating, it seems".

Up until the opening ceremony he had been honestly obedient or so it seemed but ultimately, it appears he won't be participating in the contests.

Kouenji will probably make the excuse that his feet hurt or that he's not feeling well to wriggle his way out of it.

Since the thought that he would place bottom if he skipped out on all the contests did not even enter his mind, the liability he'd be lies heavy on the class as well as the Red Team.