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Pei Qian began to feel unwell.

Sh*t, something terrible had happened!

The Sloth Apartments had already gone through several twists and turns previously. There was only one last wall left unbreached.

The recent formaldehyde houses cases had caused a large number of rental companies such as Home Corporation and Snail Apartments to be discredited. They were now busy apologizing and mending public relations. Only the Sloth Apartments had not been damaged in this incident; instead, they had profited!

However, there were still not many people determined to move into the Sloth Apartments. The underlying reason was still because of the ‘Four Bare Walls’.

But now, Boss Li broke through all these and twisted the explanation of ‘Four Bare Walls’!

The original ‘impractical’ immediately became ‘good for thinking and mediation’.

Moreover, even such a useless invention like the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine did not escape the claws of Boss Li. He had now explained it as an art that allowed people to train their mentality and allow people to think.

A simple interview immediately brought up the status of the Thriller Hostel, Sloth Apartments, and the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine!

Pei Qian was now feeling regretful.

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He had never thought that his refusal to be interviewed would cause a totally opposite effect from what he intended!

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However, who would have thought of such a thing?

Pei Qian took out his cell phone hurriedly and checked the latest ratings of Sloth Apartments on Tengda Life App.

He could only hope that the crowd not be deceived by Boss Li!

Sloth Apartments would not help you in your thinking—don’t be fooled!

The Fully-Automated Bickering Machine is really purely just a useless toy—don’t buy it!

However, Pei Qian’s heart turned cold, looking at the new comments below Sloth Apartments.

The original comments were generally about how inconvenient and impractical this place was.

However, the direction of the new comments was totally different now.