How to make money on the Internet 14 years old

How to make money on the Internet 14 years old

Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he browsed the webpage.

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“Long Yu Corporation released a special promotional video for IOI’s local server? Not bad, not bad. They finally made a move.”

“This is good news. Create some waves, IOI!”

Pei Qian could not help but be overjoyed. Indeed, IOI was still the key when it came to good news!

Dayak Corporation, Finger Games, and Long Yu Corporation, these three big companies were working together to finally give GOG some pressure.

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Pei Qian immediately opened the promotional video.

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On Aili Island’s website, the promotional video had been uploaded for two to three hours. It was currently on the hot charts. All sorts of bullet screen comments and comments were rapidly flying across.

“Not bad, quite handsome!”

“It looks a little similar to the publicity film for GOG’s international invitational tournament. However, the scenery in Shanghai is good, and the local special is good. Long Yu Corporation has finally done something!”

“The players of FV don’t look the same as the others. It’s hard to look away from them!”

“The meaning is not bad, the lines are not bad. Long Yu Corporation has done things properly in the promotional video. It is worth encouraging if they did not lose to Tengda.”

While some viewers felt that IOI’s promotional video was imitating GOG’s World Series promotional video, there was no need to nitpick.

Promotional videos had similar styles after all. As long as there were no obvious signs of plagiarism in action, camera, or creativity, there was no need to keep harping on it.

Obviously, Long Yu Corporation did not intend to plagiarize either. They had only hired a top-notch filming team and used a similar E-Sports style. They had all combined with the originality of the game in terms of the players’ movements, details, lines, and the like so their reviews were not bad.

The promotional video was very popular especially with the fact that Long Yu Corporation had hired some fake reviewers. It received positive reviews on various forums and websites.

Pei Qian could not help but nod in appreciation.