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I sought advice from Chairman Sakayanagi, who knew the staff at the Advanced Nurturing High School more than anyone else.

I sought advice from Chairman Sakayangi, who understood Advanced Nurturing High School more than anyone else and understood the duties of a director.

“If you are to act as soon as possible… then you should do this. After the graduation ceremony, the third-year students and the teachers all have to attend the closing ceremony afterwards. According to tradition, the director has to attend every year as well. In other words, Tsukishiro will definitely go and participate. No matter if he’s interested in it or not, he still has to perform his duties.”

“So, if he neglects his role as the chairman, he’ll definitely get in trouble with the school?”

“Mhm. That’s the case here.”

To gain the freedom to do whatever he wants, Tsukishiro will need to prove that he’s a superior director compared to Sakayanagi.

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In other words, his surveillance of me during this period will inevitably weaken.

“Will the first year homeroom teachers participate too?”

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The closing ceremony lasts for around an hour, but it may be extended up to 90 minutes. There wouldn’t be a problem if two teachers disappeared for about 20 or 30 minutes. It was normal for someone to leave, and the only teachers who had to be present were the third-year homeroom teachers.

In other words, the best time to hold the secret meeting would be after the graduation ceremony, during the closing ceremony.

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“For the location—the reception room should be fine. Because there are no cameras, it should be the most suitable.”

This way, there will be no record of our meeting.

Besides, it wouldn’t be appropriate for teachers to come to the student dormitory.