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Right, I think I saw quite a bold person there. Also, I can subtly remember that I ran away since I freaked out at that guy’s boldness…

Keita continued nostalgically.

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“In the end, I didn’t manage to buy < Kurikure 3 > that day. ..I should say I gave it to that person at last.”

“Oh, really? I feel like…I should apologize to you.”

“It’s okay. I managed to buy it later. So, you don’t need to mind. Moreover, I was the one that decided to give it to Miyamoto-san. Let’s forget about that, Chiaki. < Kurikure 3 >’s really a great game!”

“Yeah, yeah! I think I brought it up at that time. That’s such a fantastic game! Right, Keita, did you know this!? < Kurikure 3 >’s about to get a large DLC soon! I think they’re adding new classes!”

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“Eh, really!? Uwah, I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for telling me that!”

“No problem. That’s nice! We have to try it, Chi- no, Mono!”

“…! Yeah, Tsucchi!”

Both of us walked towards the game shelf peacefully. During this time, I can feel a vengeful spirit looking at me from behind, so I turned around-

“Hmm? Chiaki, what’s wrong?”

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“Ah, it’s nothing. …I think I just saw something passing right under my eyes just then…”