Where to play cards can make money

Where to play cards can make money

The question was, what should he do now?

What could he do to help them?

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Pei Qian thought for a long time but was completely helpless.

This seemed to be a vicious cycle.

That was because the root of IOI’s criticisms by gamers was that it had increased the price of skins in order to make a profit. Thus, compared to GOG, it was not conscientious enough. It had a strong intention of scamming money.

However, Pei Qian could not possibly allow GOG to increase prices with IOI!

The price of GOG’s skin and various fees had been lowered to a very low level. The slight increase would be very high.

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For example, if the 10 yuan skin was raised to 15 yuan or even 20 yuan, even though some players were dissatisfied, the price of the skin would not be too expensive.

Those who wanted to buy skins would still buy them.

However, GOG would earn a lot more money that way!

Even though this would damage his reputation in the long term, how could Pei Qian think so far ahead?

The settlement cycle would probably fail once the price increased.

Thus, GOG’s fees could only be reduced, not raised. There was no retreat for Pei Qian.

No matter what, Tengda could not raise the price. Dayak Corporation could not lower the price.

Wouldn’t that be awkward?

Thus, Pei Qian thought hard for a long time but could not think of a solution.

“Forget it. I can’t think of a good solution in a hurry. What if I don’t consider it well enough and cause the opposite effect, giving IOI another stab? That would be a huge problem.”

“We should wait and think about it slowly.”