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The editing and post-production might have been completed, but it was still unknown whether the video would be satisfactory or not after export. He would probably have to fine-tune it twice or thrice before it could be published online.

Waiting for the video to be exported was always very boring, so much that the two people responsible were also watching GOG’s international invitational tournament.

“This tournament is really well done, and all the details were in place. Shang Yang Games must have put in so much effort,” the editor said.

Zhu Xiaoce nodded. “Yes, the GOG international invitational tournament really put much effort into it. The previous esports competitions were basically not able to achieve such a level. Boss Pei is very ambitious this time!

“But this is not surprising when you think about the things that happened in Times Square before. Boss Pei had already thought about burning big money to promote GOG. It would be strange if this international invitational tournament was run in a small way.”

Jiang Huan was being interviewed on the live screen.

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All the bullet screen comments quickly drifted past, covering the entire screen.

“He appeared! DGE’s strongest man!”

“The way to judge strength is very simple and only needed to follow two laws: DGE’s first law is that they only had strong muscular men. Now, their strength and muscle mass of the professional players in the club were proportional. The second law of DGE Club was that whoever was the most noob would need to take the additional practice lessons. That meant that overall muscle mass and strength were inversely proportional!”

“Jiang Huan belongs to the category of muscular mass but with the least muscles. That meant that he had the least extra training in the DGE Club. This kind of strength could be described in three words, ‘unfathomable and terrifying’!

“Esports competitions could use their body to judge the strength of the players, which is outrageous!”

“I’m really curious about what the sacred DGE Club is. They are invincible both online and offline; they are invincible in solo and group fights! Everyone could get MVP even after being distributed to other teams. How scary!”

“Explain the competition? That’s precious historical data!”

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“This is the legendary ‘gather and become a ball of fire, scatter and be starry skies’?”

“A mysterious club that does not play in competitions. They only make money by selling its players, a really money-making genius!”

Zhu Xiaoce could not help but laugh as he looked at these playful bullet screen comments.

These entertaining netizens were really too capable!

Originally, Huang Wang had a ‘boxer’ title. In the first two days of the competition, many people took a deep look at the ten members of the DGE Club and found that they all appeared in this international invitational tournament. They all appeared in the international invitational tournament and actually played to MVP level.