Is it true that the dog is realized online?

Is it true that the dog is realized online?

That was exactly the reason why Huang Sibo and Bao Xu were troubled.

Both of them were watching Ocean Stronghold’s progress keenly as well. After all, this was a product they had worked really hard for and they carried the responsibility of Boss Pei’s trust on them.

Wouldn’t they be letting Boss Pei down if the game failed?

They must not let that happen!

Huang Sibo was hesitant as to whether or not he should say what he was about to say.

However, after pondering, he decided to speak his mind.

“Brother Bao. Say, do you think Boss Pei has no intention of marketing Ocean Stronghold at all? There shouldn’t be any reason why the download volume is so pathetic for Ocean Stronghold, right?”

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Even though what he said may have sounded disrespectful towards Boss Pei, it did seem as though that was the case.

These days, a large factor of whether or not a domestic game could succeed lies in its marketing channels.

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Many trash games made use of those brainwashing marketing campaigns to lure in a bunch of gamers.

Of course, player retention for those lured gamers was another issue entirely.

But at the very least, as long as they did the proper marketing and were willing to spend for it, even trashy games would generate some interest.

But for a game to receive only a couple of hundreds of downloads after being online for an entire day? That didn’t make sense at all!

Bao Xu looked at Huang Sibo. “Brother Huang, don’t question Boss Pei. Someone who could think up of using Weibo to market Ghost General is definitely a master in the field. How could he not know of the importance of marketing?”