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“Onee-chan, you should come forward too! Stand in front of Amano-senpai!”


Chiaki and I were forced to stand in front of the shrine. …Well, at least we aren’t disrupting anyone, but we’re facing each other.

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This is so embarrassing. It’s almost like we’re a pair of bride and groom just before our wedding. At this point, we’re nearly forced to declare our love for each other. …I really want to escape. While I tried to…

“Say it! Say it! Say it!”

…Our little brother and sister’s cheers gave us tremendous pressure. What made them so energetic? No matter what, …I think I’m sure of one thing – Chiaki and I can’t escape this time.

(…Sigh. I should just quickly praise Chiaki and get this over with.)

I guess I should do that for Chiaki’s good. Yep, it’s not like I’m confessing, anyway. Even though I’m a loner, I can still praise a close friend’s clothes easily. Sheesh, don’t underestimate Chiaki and me.

After I adjusted my mind, I faced Chiaki again. Then-

-I can feel that the praises I casually prepared just disappeared away.

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