Is there any industry that can make money online?

Is there any industry that can make money online?

After all, I’m just talking.

It seemed so.

And I’m sure I’m right.

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I don’t know anything, I’m weak, and nothing I say is reliable.

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That’s what it is.

“But... if that’s the case...... that’s why...... as it is, Mr. Aka... isn’t the burden too much...”

I understand what Tre’ainar is saying, but that’s too much for Aka to be saved.

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He didn’t do anything wrong, but was just kicked out of the house he originally lived in.

『...... wrong..... Tis not the case.』

I couldn’t do anything after all. Tre’ainar, who read my mind, strongly denied it.

『Child, tis no consolation. That ogre must have truly been saved by meeting you. You certainly became his friend. Tis why he is no longer before you.』

“...... But...”

『You know nothing of the world. You know not the depths of humans and demons. Your power is weak, as well. But... nevertheless, even though you were human, you befriended an Ogre. I am the first to witness such. Truly, you have done well.』

Tre’ainar’s words reached my heart, and that’s why I was so frustrated.

If I was stronger.

A world in which me and Aka could walk around openly with no complaint from anyone... If only the world were like that......