What are the software suitable for online making money?

What are the software suitable for online making money?

He had not expected Boss Pei to be so generous. He was offering so much support that Zhang Yuan felt touched!

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“Boss Pei, don’t worry. I’ll do this well!”

Pei Qian nodded. “Alright. As always, do not be afraid of spending money. Understand?”

Boss Pei had finally thought things through as well. Being stabbed in the back by his own employees was unavoidable.

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The bigger his business was, the less he would be able to attend to everything personally. He also could not expect his subordinates to report every single thing to him. They could only offer updates every once in a while. Misinformation and time lags were to be expected.

He had so many employees under him; there would probably always be people who had nothing better to do and wanted to try their hand at starting a business.

After all, Boss Pei was treating them so well. Their lives were already stable and comfortable. Some people would seek to fulfill higher-order desires, such as achieving success in their careers. Pei Qian could not fault them.

Thus, Boss Pei had to take some responsibility for causing his employees to repeatedly stab him in the back-he had satisfied everyone too well.

Without any worries in the world, of course, they would have time to think about how to start their own business.

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Pei Qian could not help but feel sorrow. Boss Pei was to be blamed for everything.

Yet, this was not a bad thing. The key was in what perspective he took.

If he saw things negatively, he could say that everyone was out to kill him. If he saw things positively, he could say that there was a chance they could help him spend more money if they worked blindly.

As the saying went, it was better to redirect the current than to fight it.