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He had no idea if Boss Pei’s meticulous care had some sort of psychological effect on him, but once Qiao Liang entered the game, he liked everything about it.

“Indeed, all Boss Pei’s games feel like top-quality stuff! Look at these modelstop-quality! Look at the style-unique! Look at the movements-smooth! “Look at these little monsters…

“Holy shit, that hurt. These are little monsters? “…How did I die?!”

Looking at the black screen, Qiao Liang felt extremely confused.

What just happened?!

He had just touched a villager with torn and tattered clothes, who was holding a hayfork. The villager turned around and stabbed him to death in just two moves!

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“I… did I open this wrongly?”

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Qiao Liang scratched his head, his eyes filled with confusion.

In the afternoon, at Ming Yun Private Kitchen… “Eh? You have King Crab? Give me one of

An extravagantly-dressed young man in a private room pointed at the King Crab on the menu and placed an order with the waiter.

“I’m sorry, Sir. You have to pre-order this dish.” The waiter was polite but strictly sticking to Boss Pei’s special request for them to serve customers without ‘over-explaining anything’.

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Of course, once the waiter said this, he felt guilty.

The young man in front of him was obviously not lacking money. Based on experience, the waiter guessed that his temper would not be good either.

The customer looked young; he looked about 24 or 25 years old. He was dressed in a gaudy shirt with red, green, and yellow threads intertwined together. It made him look like a ladybug, but the waiter could tell that this shirt probably cost more than ten to twenty thousand yuan.

What’s more, this customer had gold and silver on. The golden necklace he had on looked very expensive. It was heavy, and it did not look at all like the type of necklace that would float in the bathtub. The most outstanding thing was the Spongebob Squarepants, made of pure gold, hanging at the end of the golden necklace. It perfectly expressed the young man’s unpredictable and irrepressible character, coupled with his probable hot temperament because of his wealth.

According to the waiter’s experience, customers like that were the hardest to wait on. If Boss Pei had not given them these instructions in advance, the waiter would have smiled as widely as he could and explained how rare King Crabs were and how difficult it was to import them. That would minimize the chances of the customers getting mad and causing trouble.

However, he had to follow Boss Pei’s instructions now and not over-explain anything

The young man did not look very angry. Instead, he nodded and said, “Oh, King Crabs are not easy to obtain indeed. It’s logical that I would have to pre-order them.