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May 30th, Monday...

Liang Qingfan brought the blueprint for the Golden Maze to Thriller Hostel.

Over the week, he had been working as hard as he could. However, instead of feeling tortured, he felt pure excitement.

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Architects could spend very little or a lot of time on blueprints. Some real estate companies even stipulate in their contracts that architects must produce drawings overnight upon receiving the budget and design requirements, to achieve higher turnover.

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That was a more extreme example, and it was neither reasonable nor humane. Still, it was enough to show how miserable an architect’s life was.

To Liang Qingfan, the Golden Maze was not the project with the tightest timeline and the most torturous schedule that he had ever received. Instead, it was the one that excited him the most.

There were three main reasons for this: he was being paid more than enough, his client was not micro-managing or breathing down his neck to make changes, and there was a lot of room for creativity in the interesting task.

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Any architect would be filled with inspiration and passion if he was free to design the mall any way he wanted, and he had the authority to ask for more funds if he wanted.

When he arrived at Thriller Hostel’s office, Chen Kangtuo and Shi Zherui were already waiting there.

“Sorry for making you wait so long. Let me explain the plan for the Golden Maze. I didn’t have time to perfect some details so I will need you to work on it later, Teacher Shi.”

Shi Zherui nodded quickly. “Yes, of course.”

Liang Qingfan started explaining his own design using the blueprint. “After conducting field surveys, I realized that this old factory is relatively empty, and it has strong plasticity. However, if we want to turn it into a maze as Boss Pei requested, the surface area seems lacking.

“After all, the shops have to be big enough to store their products. What’s more, to ensure that the shops are hidden, the surface area of the maze has to be big enough as well.