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At ten in the morning, Pei Qian woke up naturally, turned over, sat up, and yawned.

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He looked at his watch. Cui Geng should have arrived at the company and be receiving the influence of the Tengda spirit now, right?

Pei Qian had arranged it all yesterday to let Wu Bin take charge of his reception.

In Pei Qian’s view, Wu Bin passed the Tengda Spirit compatibility test on his second try. He must have a lot of experience lazing around.

Let Wu Bin bring Cui Geng to the gaming room for one day. Wouldn’t that be obvious enough?

If Cui Geng did not understand still, he would get Wu Bin to give him some hint to impart him the ways of a lazy bum.

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Double guarantee, there would definitely be no mistakes.

In short, Cui Geng would bring with him a ‘lazy bum’ seed to take root in all the authors when he returned to the study class.

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Such a seed would make them compare with each other, bravely innovate, and disintegrate the entire class from inside out…

Pei Qian got up to brush his teeth in a great mood as he thought about it.

Three in the afternoon..

Cui Geng put down the console in his hand and glanced at the time on his watch in the game room.

“Is there really no one who would bother? I’m really going to leave if no one is coming, alright?”

Cui Geng felt confused and incredible.