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“The club is not lacking in money so I’m thinking that its biggest problem is the talent gap. The two teams are failing to grasp their main flaws and are making terribly slow progress.

“That’s why we decided to conduct special training for DGE’s new members, so that they can catch up with the pace of their current competitors as soon as possible!”

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Pei Qian nearly spat out the mouthful of tea that he had just drunk.

What the hell?

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The ten-odd of you are going to conduct special training for the teams?

Before Pei Qian could say anything, Zhang Yuan excitedly nodded. “Of course, that’s a good idea!

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“But... you are members of other teams now after all. Would it be appropriate for you to return to DGE and train the members?”

Huang Wang smiled. “No problem. Our clubs have all agreed to the arrangement!”

Jiang Huan sipped his tea and explained, “The DGE Club is not their competitor, but their ally.

“If this had been another club, both would be fighting for the same prizes. Naturally, we would not be allowed to help out.

“However, since the DGE Club is not allowed to take part in any competition, there’s no conflict of interests.

“That’s not all. The DGE Club’s members’ only method of succeeding is to achieve good results, become outstanding, and then be sold to other clubs. That’s why helping DGE would be akin to helping all the major clubs conduct a youth training camp that everyone can benefit from.

“Then, if any team requires a certain position, they could purchase a member from the DGE Club at any time. Wouldn’t that be much more worth it than conducting our own youth training camp or poaching someone from some other club?

“What’s more, Boss Pei was very fair in distributing the members earlier, and so every club is willing to submit to him. All of them only have good things to say about him.