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“Ah! I’m sorry, Tendou-san! I’m a bit in a rush right now!E-Ehm, bye!”

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I pulled myself out, avoided Tendou-san’s hand, and make a beeline away from her.

While Tendou-san is confused, she still mumbled to herself lonely.

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“Ehm, o-okay, b-bye…”

“I’m sorry, Tendou-san!”

This was rude. I hate myself.


Then, I stared at a girl behind Tendou-san that was about to pull up her phone and take a photo, causing her to stop before I rushed to the health room.

The medicine worked, and my stomach no longer hurts. But seriously, this is the worst day of my high school life.

“I heard that Tendou-san has a boyfriend. I think he’s called Amano, let’s go and see! Wait, that’s him? What a letdown.”

Another wave of expectation and disappointment washed over me as I trembled again.

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This isn’t the same as being stared enviously or just being taken half-heartedly. It was not until today that I realized, in a way, others’ disappointment is often the most hurting to the heart.

“I will never see the protagonist in harem comedies the same way again…”

Are they immune to these stares? Like they can just walk over them like it’s nothing!

“Did you lose weight?”

After school is over, Uehara-kun walked to me with a worried look on his face as I lay down on the table. I slowly raised my head to look at him, then squeezed out a smile.

“I should have killed all the normies after all.”

“Stop it. Also, I had to clarify; you are playing in expert difficulty even for normies. No one aside from the strongest of the normies can bail you out of this situation.”