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Mizumi-kun seems to have thought of something, he puffed up his chest bravely. In comparison, Uehara-kun and I…have been sweating a lot since then.

He tapped the document with a smug face.

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“Here’s the facility overview of the Kizuna Dungeon. It looks like this is designed and famous for being an entertainment place for normies…and couples.”

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“W-What’s up with that…?”

“It’s nothing…I just feel like, this is clearly a place that Amano-kun is uncomfortable with.”


Uehara-kun and I can’t help but gasp. Crap. I feel like this…is going to be bad for us!

“The same goes for this whole “double date” plan. While I’m not sure about Uehara-kun’s girlfriend, this plan clearly doesn’t fit with Amano-kun’s style. Right now, can I please ask the two of you…Who and what is the goal behind this whole plan?”


Uehara-kun and I are sweating unusually profusely.

Mizumi-kun grinned mischievously as if he knew everything already.

“It can’t be wrong from your reactions. In other words, this double date…was planned by you two all along!”

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Uehara-kun and I can’t help but scream and step backwards.

Nina-senpai tilted her head. It seems that her brain can’t follow up with the change.