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“We will not provide any mailing or retrieval services outside of these four areas for the time being.”

Lu Mingliang was stunned.

It turned out that Boss Pei did not disapprove of his views, but he was thinking about even further!

Delivery companies in this world were mainly doing land transportation. It would take three days to send deliveries from Guangzhou to Beijing. If it was delayed, it would take four days or even longer.

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What Boss Pei was thinking was that with Jingzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, the four cities that were covered by Upwind Courier stations as the center, the surrounding cities would become a land transportation zone.

Between these four cities, they could use pure air transport to shorten the express delivery that would take three days to deliver.

In the region, such as other cities from Jingzhou to Handong Province, they could be transported by land transport. They might not have an obvious advantage in speed compared to other express delivery companies but one could not forget that Upwind Courier stations were owned by Tengda.

For the same goods, Upwind Courier stations would definitely prioritize sending their own parcels before sending other parcels.

That way, he could use Upwind Logistics to deliver packages in the areas that Upwind Courier stations covered. He could definitely obtain a better experience than ordinary express delivery companies.

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Those 4,000 Upwind Courier stations were not for nothing. They had to be effective at this time.

What Pei Qian really cared about was actually very simple. There was a high threshold for air transport, and he could spend more money!

Was it the same concept as traveling a long distance with a few large vans for the fuel cost of a flight?

What’s more, the price of air transport would definitely be much higher than ordinary express delivery. There would not be many people using it in the beginning. What’s more, there were strict restrictions on the goods used for air transport. Many things could not be boarded.

At that time, no matter whether a plane was filled or not, it would take off as scheduled. Wouldn’t it be pure spending money to fly an empty plane?

What’s more, working with airline companies, renting planes, and even building an airport himself in the future, buying planes directly, and so on were all huge expenses. There was a lot of potential to burn money and upgrade in the future.