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“Eh, here? Hmm, eh, so embarrassing.”

Though Fu says ‘embarrassing’ with his mouth, he doesn’t seem to be against it.

That was a little annoying to me, but...

“Well, then... Yeah, you wanna see? 【Bit Fire】! “

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Saying that, Fu, who is trying to show power to everyone in some way, sets fire to a tree at the edge of the exercise field.

Bit Fire. It is elementary magic of the beginner level.

Among the magic ranks of Bit, Kilo and Mega, it is the weakest.

Showing such magic now...

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At that moment, the entire training ground was engulfed in flames. It seemed as if it had all gone ablaze for a flash.


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The blaze of fire is a non-standard flame comparable to the Mega-class magic that instructors and others have shown in demonstrations before.

I was trembling at the scale and power.

“Uh... That? Sorry...... It wasn’t too big a deal, so I guess it was disappointing? “

With a bewildered expression on his face, is this guy saying that was a mere trick!? The nerves on him!

Oh, not good.

It’s the first time I’ve ever been furious enough at Fu to want to hit him.