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Although just in name, the princess of another country is enslaved.

That one fact is very, very heavy.

In addition to that, Ria’s father. In other words, the King of Vesteria… I heard that he is a very doting parent.

(When Claude-san regains consciousness, if I make even one wrong move…)

I’m sure it’s going to be more troublesome than ever.

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(Haa… why does this keep happening to me…)

I looked up at the blue sky, exhausted and heaved a very large sigh.

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After that, Leia-sensei carried the fainted Claude-san over to the infirmary.

According to the academy nurse, it is similar to the symptoms of anemia caused by severe stress, and if he rests as is, he should wake up soon.

When asked what caused this, Leia-sensei replied vaguely,「Well, there was something that was a little too stimulating.」

Ten minutes later.

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「Uh… where am I…?」

Claude-san slowly opened his eyes.

「Ah, you woke up, Claude!」

「R-Ria-sama…? Aa, I’m glad. It was all just a dream…」