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“Do you want to…work in retail with me?”

“Look, here it comes! A lethal idea for any otakus! It’s like asking a cockroach whether it wants to work in pharma, that’s what a devil would ask!”

“Uh, it’s not that severe…”

Aguri-san smiled bitterly, and I still maintained my staunch attitude.

“Retail is the only job that I’ll absolutely never do! Let’s take a hundred steps back, …even if I can cut the time for playing Pokemon to work, I’ll never do retail! I really appreciated you for inviting me, but is there anything else to work in? Other jobs!”

“Eh, Amanocchi, we’re not in a position to choose our jobs, right? We need short-term jobs, and we can’t do rough work. That’s what the search results gave me.

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“N-No, I-I’m still a guy. I’m perfectly suited for rough work…”

“You can’t handle it at all. Even if you can, I can guarantee that you’ll mess up your body before the school trip, Amanocchi.”


Although I’m unwilling to admit this, Aguri-san is right, I’m not suited for intense work, anyways. Sigh, while I can squeeze determination out, it’s not going to help. If I got sick, I can’t go or enjoy the school trip. It’ll be pointless.

Aguri-san continued.

“Uh, I got a text from my friend that said there are two spaces left. …Initially, I wanted to say that you’re the only one I can invite. …Amanocchi, but you hate retail, right?”

“Instead of saying I hate it, it’s more like I can’t do it…”

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…Sweat began to appear on my forehead, …my stomach hurts.

I tried to think about this once more, then I realized there’s nothing more terrifying than this word. Earning money by cleverly dealing with all kinds of people. …If I, who can’t even talk to others properly, took the offer, I think the manager will be very frustrated as well.