How to make money on the online mold

How to make money on the online mold

“It seems to be easier to persevere than the application. I don’t know if I’m hallucinating.”

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Qiao Liang had bought the yoga mat previously because he wanted to train himself in the living room. However, after a few tries, the yoga mat had never emerged again and ate dust.

The reason was that he could not persevere.

In fact, Tengda Life App had a module for Deposit Fitness. There were videos recorded by professional trainers that could fit in with the videos. Aili Island’s website had a large number of similar courses like aerobic fitness. However, Qiao Liang gave up halfway without any exception after trying a few times.

On the other hand, these movements in Fitness Battle might be similar to those in the fitness application but they made Qiao Liang persevere for a long time. What’s more, he still wanted more. He felt that he could play another chapter.

Qiao Liang thought about it. This was obviously the special effect of a carrier like the ‘game’.

That was because the game was an interactive art that emphasized feedback from players.

If he only played a video, he would not be able to do anything apart from fast-forwarding and retreating. What’s more, he would not have a clear target accumulation even if he practiced it once.

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However, the game was different. The game had rich and colorful scenes and gorgeous attacking special effects. Players would obtain a sense of achievement and satisfaction every time they defeated a monster, cleared a stage, won a chapter, and watched a plot.

Therefore, it was easier to persevere than working out with a video.

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“If you can get through the first chapter, you will be rewarded with some substitute coins. It seems like you will also get a free lucky draw.”

“There are still two more stages.”

“Forget it, I’ll rest first.”

Qiao Liang wanted to continue, but his arms and legs, which had been lacking in exercise for a long time, could not hold on.

What’s more, there would be restrictions on the duration of the game. The first time would be to remind players to replenish their energy, the second time would be to remind them to rest, and the third time would be to lock them up and force them to rest for a period of time before continuing the challenge.