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Out of desperation, Ria-san yelled loudly halfway through.

Looking at her, Leia-sensei shrugged her shoulders unnaturally.

「Oi Oi, don’t make it sound as though I’m forcing you. This is your problem to solve. Will you keep your promise and become a slave, or will you run away from your promise? It’s no good if you don’t decide for yourself.」

「Mu, guuuu…」

She cried out a voice that couldn’t be heard and glared at me.

「I-I am inexperienced but, p-please treat me well… Master…」

Ria-san, whose face was dyed in red, bit her lip and while trembling in shame, bowed her head.

「Eh, err… umm, me too…」

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Due to everything that happened today, I’m exhausted, but for the time being I decided to put an end to this scene, and bowed my head.

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At present time,



I was alone with Ria-san in her room.

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Sitting on a wine red carpet, we sank into silence.

The silence felt almost suffocating.