What is the online so-called WeChat make money?

What is the online so-called WeChat make money?

It seems we won't have the same path back and so I pressed the button for the 1st floor and closed the elevator doors.

The elevator begins to move slowly. Since we no longer have anything in particular to talk to each other about, we spent the elevator ride in silence. But when I said move, it was only briefly. Since when the 3rd floor light lit up, the elevator grinded to a halt with a heavy sound. It doesn't seem like it's someone trying to get into the elevator on the 3rd floor too but the elevator, in its attempt to descend further from the 3rd floor, came to a stop halfway. But as I mulled over it, for an instant, the lights went out and it became pitch black.

However, at that moment, the emergency lights came back on and we were able to avoid a complete blackout situation.

"Could it be a blackout?" Ibuki asks.

"Most likely".

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There are not many people who have personally experienced elevator breakdowns like this. If this is the unexpected setback the fortune-teller predicted, in a sense it hit the mark.

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"For now, shouldn't the emergency phone suffice?".

There is no need for panic here. The elevator already has been prepared for breakdown situations like this. There are also surveillance cameras in the elevator, and emergency buttons (an intercom which connects the elevator to a disaster prevention center) and such have already been installed. And having told her that, with no objections, Ibuki leaned back on the elevator wall...I suppose I'll press the button and call for help.

I did that, however---

"There's no response".

I don't know if the call is ringing on the other end or not but, I don't feel like I'm getting through to the disaster prevention center.

"Isn't it that blackouts also prevent the calls?" Ibuki asked me.

"No. Elevators usually have a backup battery that can run for several hours. As evidence of that, the emergency lights are on right now. That means it must be some other internal fault in the elevator" I replied to her.

I tried pressing the button for the hearing-impaired to use, but that too did not respond. In other words, the operation panel the buttons are installed on itself is broken.

Batteries are running and the air conditioning is working as well. That alone is a blessing, but what to do now?

"Can you contact the school with your phone? It should be in range" I asked Ibuki.

"Sorry. But please do it yourself" she replied to me.

"I can understand your feeling of not wanting to talk with people, but isn't this much fine?".