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It was scary, so I closed it immediately.

“Oh, why are you asking about Sadiz...?”

『I suppose she heard you speak of that maid in your drunken stupor.』

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“Come on, seriously... aah, scary...”

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No, I had nothing to feel guilty about. But I was scared.

『For the time being, you must wake up and consider the future.』

“...... From now on? No way... You mean Shinobu?”

『No, not that. Even though we arrived at the town with great pains, you squandered almost the entire day at that banquet.』

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“Ah...... Well, no, I slept for a few hours...”

『Tis already night.』


What a hell. I wanted to think about shopping during the day, and what to do for money from now on, but I wasted my time with all this other stuff...

“Oh, then, what about... Bro and the others?”

『I left the store after they carried you here. Apparently, they work at night.』

“At night...”

That reminds me.

No, the young people laze about in the daytime and go out into the city at night.