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After that,

「Allen-kun, you’ve got another four-people nomination!」

「Yes, I understand…!」

「Ria-san, you’ve got a nomination from one person!」

「Yes, I understand!」

「Allen-kun, this time you’ve got five-people nomination!」

「Yes, please wait a moment…!」

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「Rose-san, it’s a nomination from one person.」

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「Umu, understood.」

「Allen-kun, next is seven-people nomination!」


For some reason, there were unusually many more nominations for me.

They were all groups of female customers. After escorting them to their seats, for some reason, they started talking about various stories and I had a hard time taking orders.

(Maybe this is a result of the women’s network…)

One female customer called another female customer and so on, and our cosplay cafe appeared like a women’s specialty shop.

For about three hours, I had to deal with the female customers who walked in one after another. Then, it was finally time for a shift change.

We’re in charge of the morning session, and are completely free in the afternoon.

After changing into our uniforms in the changing rooms, the three of us decided to look around the activities of other classes.