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So, I started playing the game

It’s a really traditional turn-based RPG. The protagonist has to defeat the corrupted staff of the Empire to reform its government, he decided to sneak up on them before assassinating- or not. Glenn is an honourable knight that challenges the enemy directly and bring them to justice after every battle.

The world setting is very typical. The unit of currency is Gold, you gain XP and level after defeating the enemies, HP can be healed after using the medicine.

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Although the setting widens as the plot advances, the main character is just going on his business, punish the evil and bringing them to justice. He joined the Galactic Federation, at last, it’s far from surprising.

In the end, the Federation defeated the evil lord, and everyone lived happily ever after. The story is quite wild, but the plot managed to keep up.

Um, how should I put it? Honestly…

“It’s your ordinary good game…”

I stared at the ending screen and froze. I-I guess it’s alright, NOBE sometimes did publish less ridiculous works, but he is really playing by the rules this time.


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I turned off the game and opened NOBE’s blog. After every playthrough, I will always give my feedback with the nickname Yama-san.

“Eh? Strange. There’s a new post on the blog.”

I read the post, it was about the obstacles he faced when creating the game. While the text is short, it did mention he received the help from two of his friends.

“Oh, that’s why…”

I was a genuine fan of NOBE. I really like the originality from this guy’s games, it’s like I am his believer.

Also, If we are talking about the quality of the game now, I feel like out of all the works of NOBE, this one ranks the top in terms of completeness.

Three heads are really better than one, after all. Trim out the fat, and you’ll get a game that everyone can play and love.