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-Just as I’m explaining this part, “Also-“ Konoha-san asked me.

“Senpai kept saying high-class just then, but how much did that thing actually cost?”

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“…Uh, well, …it’s 20,000 yen.”

“Pfft! Hehehehe!”

“Why are you laughing at me that terribly!”

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“Normies spending their money like a normie, yet it all turned into waste. How refreshing!”

“Even though I want to scold you for being so vicious, I think I will laugh in the same way if this happened to other normies! I really deserved it! I feel the same!”

Ay, forget about that, let’s continue.

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Anyway, our Loverbears plan busted. Why? That’s because…

“Haha! Just as the normies are about to give out their 20,000 yen present chicly, their partners broke up with them…! I-I want to watch that scene even if I have to pay!”

When I’m about to describe the climax with a serious look, Konoha-san revealed the ending first as she laughed her butt off.

I can’t help but stood up angrily and smacked the chair.

“I talked to the wrong person! I’m going home!”

“Alright, alright, don’t say that, senpai! Please be considerate of the person listening to your relationship problems. It’s not like I have to be struck by lightning just by making a little fun out of this, right? Haha…”

“I…I guess you’re right. However, you should get a hold of yourself…”

“You want me to ‘get a hold of myself’ at this point?”

“I-I guess it makes sense.”