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Ma Yang, Zhang Yuan, and Lin Canrong looked at each other.

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Continue invading the F&B industry?

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Indeed, they had already started their conquest with the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. The Fish-Catching Internet Cafe did serve food. Its menu had western wine on one side and home-cooked meals on the other.

Chef Lin’s previous job at the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was to ‘catch fish (laze around)’—oh! No. His job was to cook for the customers. However, most customers at the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe did not order food. Thus, Chef Lin was mainly ‘catching fishes’ every day.

Pei Qian wanted to continue on his conquest with just that?

It's early morning on the seventh day of the training camp. Our group will cease to exist after today. The exam will be held first thing tomorrow morning. Although Hashimoto's actions saved the group from total collapse, this united group and the relationships we've built as part of it will also end along with the exam.

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There are probably more than a few students feeling sad over it. The majority of the students in our group too, in spite of their antipathy towards Kouenji, are getting along well with each other.

Regarding Ishizaki, he probably hates me more than he hates Kouenji but he's doing his best not to let it show. To be honest, he probably wants to hound me but Ishizaki knows full well what will happen in that case. That rough demeanor of his may resemble Sudou but when it comes to reading the atmosphere, Ishizaki is far superior. I get the impression that he respects his opponents and acknowledges what cannot be denied. That's probably why Ryuuen kept him as his side too. But that doesn't necessarily mean Sudou is inferior to Ishizaki.

Sudou is far superior when it comes to the physical side of things and in all likelihood, Sudou surpasses him in academic ability as well. Since Horikita's guiding him, Sudou will probably continue to develop slowly. Even though they are a similar breed, the weapons each one of them possesses is fundamentally different.

"I'd like to go over the long-distance relay we'll be doing tomorrow. Please hear me out".

Everyone, while still on their respective beds, turn to look at Keisei.

"There's only 10 of us so each person needs to shoulder a huge burden but depending on the circumstances, that may turn out to be our advantage".

"What do you mean? Isn't it better to have more people? Because then the distance we have to run decreases".

"Certainly if we have 15 to evenly split the burden between then each person won't have to shoulder all that burden but there's also the high probability that you'll have slow students mixed in as well. You can count the number of students who excel at long distance in our school year on one hand".

"...that is true".

"In other words, this is our chance to bridge that gap".

"But that's assuming that our whole group is an athletic bunch, right?".