Is it true that the online plus customer service investment makes money?

Is it true that the online plus customer service investment makes money?

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The audience was filled with emotions. Even those who had no feelings for Lu Zhiyao were sincerely happy for his improvement.

There have been more and more popular movies in recent years. All sorts of fresh meat celebrities had contributed their acting skills to various so-called ‘big productions’ movies. Many viewers could not stand it anymore.

On the other hand, he was on a completely different path from those popular fresh meat celebrities. He could obviously rely on his looks, but he had to rely on his talent. He had put in unimaginable effort for this. How could he not like him?

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Finally, the final credits of the movie and the NG scenes of Lu Zhiyao were all played.

The few remaining audience members finally left in satisfaction. Their hands were not idle either as they quickly posted a message on their WeChat Moments.

Lu Xiaoping and the person-in-charge of the Greyhound walked out in a daze, as if they had lost their souls.

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On one hand, he was shocked by the contents of the movie. On the other hand, he was extremely worried about the current situation of Vinci Media and Mission and Choice after watching Mission and Choice.

He was too hot-headed at that time and provoked a terrible opponent!

There was a price to pay for scamming such a movie.

Lu Xiaoping’s plan had been built on the foundation that Mission and Choice were not of good quality. That was why he had come to scam and increase the popularity of Greyhound.

However, if the two movies were compared, and Greyhound was rubbed against the ground, all the popularity that it had gained previously would be backfired!

If Greyhound won, it would be domineering and confident. However, if it lost, it would be sour and a clown.

This feeling was like a boxer entering the ring. He had originally thought that the other party was a weakling and had said all sorts of harsh words before the competition. He had already bragged about his awesomeness. However, he did not expect to see the other party’s arm thicker than his thigh when he took off his jacket and went on stage.

How was he to fight then!

The two of them remained silent. They knew very well that the current situation was bad enough, but in fact, this was just the beginning!

At the same time, in Jingzhou...

Qiao Liang had just exited GOG. He looked at the time. It was already two in the evening.

He yawned, took out his cell phone to check his fan group.