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The words of praise the crowd send in admiration, and how calm the child’s heart is.

Though he smiles fearlessly at his opponent, his eyebrows twitch slightly at the audience’s remarks, and the reactions pull at the child’s mouth.

So...... Child...... It still seems to be insufficient.

Even with this, it seems the world still does not recognize you.

Then show me more. As my disciple, rouse the crowd.

And the words you most desire. Have them acknowledge ’As expected, he is Earth Lagann’.

I will watch that moment.

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Tis one thing I can do now.

After all, I am a master.

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Author’s Note

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For a moment, I put in a story to make room once. I was going to do it somewhere, but I couldn’t find the timing here.

It was good tomorrow, but today I saw a movie and my tension went up.

Translated by: Sads07